Photo: Egerer

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The holidays have begun – and just in time, we are presenting a hiking tip for the young and the young-at-heart – themed “In Touch with Nature”. The Forest Experience Path Gschaidt, close to Hochneukirchen, delivers insight into diverse subject areas regarding the forest – via 20 stages.

The forest experience path’s signage is a red ant – always. You also find it directly on the trees’ bark. Therefore, you are able to orientate yourself perfectly. We start our 1.5 h hike at the village square in Gschaidt. Then, we pass the nursery, before the first marking leads us to the left into the forest. The first presentation board, telling kids who are already able to read interesting facts about wood, is waiting there. We move on through the light mixed forest and continue walking on a country lane, until we arrive at “Flasch’n Kreuz”. This cross had been erected in memory of the Flasch siblings. After walking about 40 minutes, we reach the “border triangle” with a viewpoint. From here, one is able to glance to Lower Austria, Styria and Burgenland. This spot also lends itself to have a picnic, as small benches and tables, as well as a wooden deckchair, are awaiting hikers here. It is advisable to bring enough provisions and beverages, especially when hiking this route with children, as there is no option for stopping at a hut.

From the fridge to the biotope

The next highlight is the “Frozen Pond” – today, it is a biotope. 100 years ago, it was created by cattle-dealer Johann Wieser as a “frozen pond”, to provide ice for being able to store fresh meat longer in the cold-storage-rooms. The water persistently kept its frozen state – lasting long into spring season. For a while, the water body served as trout pond, today, it is blending with the surrounding nature as a biotope. Towards the end of our hike, a “tree-quiz” is awaiting visitors. On basis of leaves, one shall recognize which tree they derive from. Altogether, it is a cozy and informative hike – yet, of limited suitability for baby prams (cross-country mobility should exist).

The project Forest Experience Path Gschaidt was backed by Market Town Hochneunkirchen – Gschaidt, Village Renewal Association Hochneunkirchen, Tourism- and Adornment Association Hochneunkirchen – Gschaidt as well as Federal Land Lower Austria.

If you should like to stop for a bite to eat, please note that roadhouse Höller in Gschaidt is only open on Sundays and, sometimes, holidays.

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Portrait Eerwin Jung

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,
The current excursion tip is a theme walk that centers forest and nature. The topic nature- and environmental protection has arrived in the middle of our society and it is our obligation towards our children to take it seriously and to act appropriately. The Forest Experience Path Gschaidt shows (especially well edited for children) how important nature- and environmental protection are. We, the Mountain Security Service, are setting a good example. I always say that we should treat the mountains as our gardens and, that we have to be role models for younger generations, so that many more will be able to rejoice in our nature’s beauty.

Erwin Jung

Photos: Egerer, Graphic: Scherz-Kogelbauer GmbH