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Today we are presenting a loop tour to our readers, which probably not even the Feistritztal locals, particularly those living in Kirchberg and Otterthal might know. Indeed, one has to cover quite some meters in altitude, but splendid views from all sides of the valley are awaiting the hiker.

We start at “Postbacherl” (post creek), right behind the sports equipment shop, earlier home to the post office. We hike along the creek, cross the little bridge and walk direction “Hofwaldteich”. A little path leads us into the forest; soon, we reach the asphalt road leading to “Kreuzbauern”.

We follow the road up to the next sharp right bend, then the yellow plate directs us to the left; there, we march rather steeply uphill along the boundary ridge. Eventually, we arrive at a wayside cross and a little bench; we take a well-deserved first rest and enjoy the view towards Kirchberg and the two churches. Then, we follow the asphalt road for a little more up to the Kreuzbauern and enter the woods on a forest path. Soon, we reach a fork. The left path leads up to Steyersberger Schwaig, the very right path leads back down to the valley. We chose the middle path with a yellow marking. On this slightly overgrown forest path, we comfortably hike for quite a long time. Finally, we leave the forest and traverse a natural dam, the so-called “Holzgasse”, already located in Alpltal. Again, a little bench invites us to take a rest here. Besides, one enjoys the “Otter” and beautiful views towards Rax.

First descent

We follow the first forest path, which is leading – first slightly, afterwards more steeply – downhill. Attention: generally, the path is well marked, yet, after having covered about two thirds of the track, one has to pay attention to a narrow hill climbing which branches off the wider forest path to the left between the trees. Eventually, we arrive at a farm with alpacas, before we cross the main road. Another time we need to walk steeply uphill, first a short part on asphalt to the left and then into light forest on a tractor path that leads us to a bituminized dead end street. Here we turn left and pass by a farmstead until a yellow signpost at right hand side indicates us the direction towards Ramssattel. One more time good physical condition is essential until we finally reach an asphalt road and hike on up to “Ramswirt” – the perfect opportunity to stop for a bite to eat. Right here, we are almost done and the only thing that is left to do is to hike down comfortably. Right behind Ramswirt, direction Kirchberg, a steep forest track branches off to the left. It leads us through the woods up to the first bend of Ramsstraße. Now, we follow the course of the road on the meadow up to Ramskreuzung (Rams crossroad) where the cemetery is located. We keep right and walk along the cemetery wall, turn left until we arrive at the promenade. We follow it to the left up to our starting point at Postbacherl.

This tour is accessible all year round. A track of about 14 kilometers and approximately 730 meters difference in altitude are waiting for ambitioned hikers. You need to calculate about 4 hours to cover the distance.

Alternative return path

Continuing at Ramswirt, you can also extend the route by hiking back to Kirchberg via Eselsberg (at Ramsweg, take the asphalt road direction Fally inn) and Kernstockwarte. This track is marked, too. Yet, you have to calculate one hour more – anyway, your reward would be great views towards Hohe Wand.

Dolores Marie Schärf unterrichtet Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch
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Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,

We are fortunate to find a lot of excursion and hiking opportunities right in front of our door. Our region is a particularly popular hiking area. Today I am inviting you to explore your direct vicinity. Check the Internet for finding out which hiking routes directly pass your house door, or ask your neighbors for an insider tip or just plan a group excursion. Even if you know our region like the back of your hand – do not forget about properly planning your tour and think of provisions and a first-aid-kit etc. That way, nothing stands in the way of exploring our beautiful region.

I am looking forward to a nice encounter in our wonderful region. Stay healthy.

Erwin Jung
Photo: Bergrettung