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Today we have prepared an excursion tip for the whole family. First, we admire the wonderful rose garden at the parish church; then, we ascend to the castle ruin and fire tower – from there, we enjoy a fantastic view onto the surroundings.

Our starting point is located at the parish church in Kirchschlag. Here, Adalbert Weghofer has created an idyllic rose and proverb garden in affectionate detail work – offering unequaled opportunities. The idea was born in the course of redesigning the church square in 2008. Of course, many helping ladies are involved in the care so that this garden can bloom in full splendor. 300 rose bushes of 25 different kinds and 500 lavender bushes were planted. Meanwhile, there has been a volley of prizes and awards for this beautiful nature oasis. “Natur im Garten” awarded the “Golden Hedgehog” ten times, in Styria, the folder “Gartenlust” rates this garden among the most beautiful gardens of Austria.

Castle Ruin as tourist magnet

Now, we are starting our walk direction castle ruin. We cross the main road and walk past Hönig inn direction parking lot. Left back in the corner our hiking and walking path enters the forest. It is also marked as “Tut gut!”- Schritteweg. In less than half an hour, we reach the ruin. If you want to go even higher, turn left, hike a little higher and climb the fire tower via countless stairs. The effort is worth it – from here, you enjoy a fantastic view not only onto the castle ruin, but also onto the borough Kirchschlag and the surrounding area.                                                                                                                           

From the fire tower, we hike back on the same path, then, we traverse the bridge and eventually enter the old walls of the ruin. Everything is well maintained and you can enjoy going back to the earlier times.


We leave the ruin via a side passage and a few steps. If you want, you can now turn right below the castle and hike back. However, we keep to the left and walk along a narrow path parallel to the town below the castle down to the pool. There, we cross the main road and walk past Spar direction Hintergasse; we follow Hintergasse, until we arrive at the rose garden again. There are plenty of opportunities to stop for a bite to eat then.

If you take your time and enjoy the tour, you need to calculate two hours; the walking time is one hour. Just rushing through would be a pity – as you would miss the best parts.

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,

The current excursion tip leads you to the castle ruin Kirchschlag. The beautiful historical building is a popular destination because of its location and accessibility. Castles and ruins exert a special fascination on us. Unfortunately, in our joy, we forget a few important rules of conduct. Please, never climb on walls or other parts of historical buildings. Above all, think of your own safety. Even the world-famous alpinist Reinhold Messner fell when climbing a castle wall; he was seriously injured. Another important reason is to protect the valuable structure of historic buildings and to show the appropriate respect (towards the owners as well).

We wish you a lot of fun with your leisure activities at Bucklige Welt.

Get home safely and stay healthy.