Photo: Egerer

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We have prepared two easy walking tours, each taking about one hour, for today. Both tours start vis-à-vis of the municipality Aspangberg – St. Peter, sort of at the building yard. Intricate pathways along the water, beautiful views of Aspang and magnificent mountain pastures exhilarate the walkers. Of course, you can also combine both tours!

We head off at the builder’s yard of the municipality direction St. Corona road, from here, a hidden path with a sign called “Märchenwiese” branches off next to the creek. We follow it for about 30 minutes until we pass a bridge and several signposts. Now, one can decide if one just walks the Hoffeld tour; if so, one crosses the bridge and follows the marking.

This marking leads up to the road direction St. Corona; we traverse it and continue our hike on the other side of the road. From here, a path leads, a bit uphill, into the forest. We walk along this path and enter the Hoffeld housing estate.

We spot another point of intersection with signposts. Now, we follow the housing estate street until we arrive at a vehicle interdiction sign and signposts again. We turn into the forest road with the vehicle interdiction sign and walk back at half height direction Aspangberg-St. Peter. This way, we catch beautiful impressions of Aspang and are able to enjoy the sunny south side.
Second variant

On the one hand, it is more difficult to find, on the other hand, it offers beautiful views towards Wechsel. The first part of the tour leads along the creek, as described above. At the bridge, we continue walking until we reach a path branching off to the left. It leads us to a forest road; we keep right and walk straight until the path splits; here, we keep left. The way ascends a bit more now. Eventually, we arrive at “Wetzelbauer”. Afterwards, we get to the road direction St. Peter and continue until there is a left turn. We find a red-white-red bar (the second one since we have entered the asphalt road) at left hand side. Now, we turn into the forest path again and follow it up to the point where we ascended the narrow path from the creek. We descend at the right side and find ourselves at the bridge again. We can decide if we hike back the same path along the creek or add the Hoffeld tour – as I did.
Combining both tours in an unhurried pace takes about two hours. We enjoy nice forest tracks and pathways, a cozy little bench at the water, inviting us to take a rest, and a wayside cross.

Portrait Eerwin Jung

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,

Autumn has arrived and walks and mountain hikes make us enjoy the nice days. However, we should not forget about our own as well as other persons’ security. When you are in the mountains, you necessarily witness dangerous or inconsiderate actions. Please be self-confident enough to point out the danger to the persons concerned. If you address people in a calm, friendly and appreciating way, they will be able to accept your hint. Be aware of the fact that you care for your fellow human beings.
Get home safely and in healthy condition!

Erwin Jung
Photo: Bergrettung

Graphic: Scherz-Kogelbauer GmbH, Photos (8): Egerer