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This time, we have opted for a family-friendly hike: a walk up to Seebenstein castle. There is a large playground at the palace grounds, the space where the Christmas market usually takes place also invites us to stroll and rest.

At the foot of the castle, there is a large visitor parking lot – right next to it, we find an inn and the playground. Well signposted, we start to the left, direction castle. Indeed, there are a few side paths, but all beaten paths lead to the castle, some steepen a bit, the marked path is suitable for a baby pram. One reaches the castle after half an hour – there, little benches offer a place to rest. Next to the castle, there is a playing field and the so-called Lutherkanzel (attention: dangerous for children), offering panoramic views towards the Wechsel region, Sonnwendstein, Rax, Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. When the weather is nice, one can even spot Stuhleck in Styria. A little bit hidden, a steep track branches off to the right to Lutherkanzel. Otherwise, one hikes along the meadow until one arrives at the forest road, which takes us back to the location.

Who wants to hike more, can move on to the ruin Türkensturz, about forty minutes walking time from the castle. From there, a loop-hiking track leads back to Seebenstein, maps are available at the municipality.

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Tip from the mountain security service

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen!
Exercise (like hiking or mountaineering) is important for our children’s development. We should spend much time with them in nature, yet there are several things to keep in mind to make sure the excursion will be a positive experience – also for our kids. Only do hikes or mountain tours with your children that are pleasurable for you and do not overstrain you. Kids are very sensitive – therefore your young companions will feel and reflect it. A certain amount of experience is essential both for adults and for children, particularly in areas where the risk of falling is high. Sometimes it is even necessary to protect kids in certain passages. The saying “the journey is the reward” is a good advisor when hiking with children. Offer your beloved ones the opportunity to discover interesting things (river courses, small climbing rocks…) and do not push them to reach the summit.

Bring enough food and beverages.
Only plan tours that are appropriate for children and mind the weight of the kids’ backpacks.

Erwin Jung / Photo: Bergrettung

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