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In this issue, we are presenting an excursion tip that offers panoramic views into the Bucklige Welt and Wechsel region for all readers who love hiking. Our destination is Krumbach – we park at the cozy Schlosswirtshaus, where we can also stop for a bite to eat after the two and a half hours hike.

This hike is suitable for families with kids (age 6 years or older) as well as for walkers who just want to spend a snug afternoon amidst marvelous nature. The paths are simple and the difference in altitude is small. Besides, a lot of cozy spots and flourishing meadows are awaiting us in late summer.

Circular route through forest and field

As mentioned above, we start opposite of the Schlosswirtshaus directly at the road leading up to the castle, at left hand side. Vis-à-vis, yellow panels indicate the way to the right – direction stone circle. First, we walk on forest paths through the woods – sometimes uphill, sometimes downhill. We walk across various forest formations – from coniferous woodland to beech groves.

“The little cottage”

Eventually, we arrive at a little hill. From there, we enjoy first magnificent views to a clover field as well as to Bucklige Welt. We approach the little cottage – another panel told us about it at the beginning of our tour. Family Simon’s (Feichten) senior farmer has created her little hideaway in an old snuggery. She offers fiber crafts of all kinds and provides hikers with apple juice, must and water. One can also taste homemade liquors and fruit spirits. Restored with so much love, the house is worth a visit by itself. The perfect resting place on this route.

Next stage is waiting

We are moving on uphill direction forest, passing the cottage at the right side, until we arrive at a field path. Here we find an old, weather-beaten cot and reach a parting of the ways where a yellow panel shows us the way to the stone circle. Another viewpoint, this time direction Mönichkirchen. For, we are now walking on long-distance trail number 02, leading to Mönichkirchen, for a while.

Finally, we reach a farmstead, the “Waldbauer”. Attention! Walk on above along the fence, even if you have to cross some barriers, as the stone circle is located straight ahead inside the forest. Unfortunately, the markings are not very well visible here anymore.

Natural monument

A manmade stone circle is inviting us to take a rest under shady trees. We then follow the path until we end up at an asphalt road. After about 200 meters, we turn sharp left and move on downhill, signposts support us in finding orientation. Then, unfortunately, one has to follow the asphalt road, passing the old cottage on the other side, but finally, there is another highlight, at least in summer.

After a left turn, a marking panel in red-white-red points down a forest track on the right. This track is only accessible in summer as nobody clears it in winter – and it can get rather slippery then. Kids will particularly love this section. It is well marked and seems enchanted – densely overgrown on the left as well as on the right. Besides, one crosses a rift that is getting deeper and deeper. Moving along this track, you directly arrive at the starting point Schlosswirtshaus, where you can savor some refreshments – served by friendly staff on the homelike terrace.

Dolores Marie Schärf

Dolores Marie Schärf unterrichtet Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch sowie Italienisch und ist als
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Portrait Eerwin Jung

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Liebe Freizeitsportlerinnen und Freizeitsportler.
Ich will Sie heute über die positiven Auswirkungen von regelmäßiger Bewegung informieren: Wandern ist eine der gesündesten Bewegungsformen, die wir kennen. Es hat viele positive Effekte auf unseren gesamten Bewegungsapparat, das Herz-Kreislauf-System, den Stoffwechsel und das Immunsystem. Ob Sie n

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen!
Today I would like to inform you about the positive impacts of regular exercise. Hiking is one of the most wholesome movement patterns we know. It has many positive effects on the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, the metabolism and the immune system. No matter if you should be a beginner or a professional alpinist, I would recommend the use of walking sticks. When walking uphill, the sticks serve as an additional support and as stabilization, when walking downhill, the use of these sticks relieves the pressure affecting the muscles and joints.
Get back home in healthy condition and safely. I am
looking forward to a nice encounter in our region.

Erwin Jung

Photos: Egerer, Graphic: Scherz-Kogelbauer GmbH