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Today we are presenting a longer loop tour that is part of the Rosalia Loop Trail. Most of it leads through light mixed forest; our highlight is the panoramic view on top at Rosalia Chapel.

The Rosalia Loop Trail is 80 kilometers long and connects the communities Lanzenkirchen, Bad Erlach, Pitten und Walpersbach, submontane to Rosalia Mountains, with Wiener Neustadt. Altogether, 21 historical stations await interested hikers; additionally, one is able to reach every community by public transport and enter the trail there – that way, one can cover individual stages.

Forest and Meadow

We have chosen the section from Lanzenkirchen/Ofenbach up to Rosalia Chapel and back – a loop tour of about 16 kilometers length and about 400 meters difference in altitude. We start at Kahof Inn, Ofenbach, were one can also stop for a bite to eat. You should bring along plenty of beverages and snacks, as there will be no further opportunity to do so during our hike of about four and a half hours. First, we follow the local street that turns into a passable sand road. Soon, we discover a yellow signpost directing us to the left via Gaisrücken direction Rosalia. Here, we have to get over the steepest rise – fortunately, it does not take very long. The track is well signposted; we always hike through light mixed forest (“large emperor’s wood”) on forest roads or smaller forest paths. As there are many feeding places for wildlife around, one should keep quiet and must not throw away any garbage – actually a matter of course; unfortunately the opposite is often true.

Covering the rise takes about two and a half hours, a medium condition provided. Having reached the highest point, we enjoy a magnificent view towards Burgenland; Forchtenstein Fortress is also at our feet. Below the chapel’s canopy, one can admire old frescoes. Benches, tables and loungers are inviting hikers to take a rest.

Descent with perspective

We are now hiking back the first part, up to the sender, on the same path. Several signposts provide guidance; we are walking direction Lanzenkirchen or Bad Erlach – Asia Thermal Bath. The way back is leading us out of the wood and over Heuberg, now we are able to enjoy the summits of Rax, Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. Nice forest paths are guiding us downhill; the “Viennese Alps” are always in sight. Eventually, we arrive in the valley at Melberleiten. Here we do not follow the sign directing towards Bad Erlach – Asia Thermal Bath; instead, we hike back to our starting point along Ofenbachstrasse for at least another hour.

On the last third of the way, one can take a detour to Ofenbach Church, which is located on a hill to the right and houses a cemetery. You find one stop of Lanzenkirchen myth path here – “The Writing on the Church Wall” with the legend of “Red Lenz”.

All in all it is a nice and a bit challenging hike, suitable for all seasons.

Dolores Marie Schärf unterrichtet Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch sowie Italienisch und ist als Dolmetscherin bzw. Übersetzerin tätig.

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,

The current excursion trip portrays a section of the beautiful Rosalia Loop Trail. The athletic challenge is, for sure, manageable in the slightly hilly country we find in this part of our nice home region. However, we should not just define the mountains and hills as “sports equipment” that is only there for satisfying our need for movement. It is possible to combine physical movement with culture – especially in our region. Take advantage of the great possibilities, concerts, theatrical performances or museums. Put on your hiking shoes when heading to the next event in your neighbor village and leave the car keys at home. Your health and the environment will thank you.
I am looking forward to many nice encounters in our beautiful region.

Erwin Jung
Foto: Bergrettung

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