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Today we are presenting a pleasure hike around Kirchberg – suitable for the whole family. Particularly now, in early summer, the tour scores with lush greenery and cozy places as well as panoramic views.

You can expand the tour at will, e.g. starting at Kirchberg. Yet, we begin our hike at Molzbachhof. Here, one can also stop for a bite to eat. We pass Molzbachhof and cross the bridge direction Sachsenbrunn. The playground is particularly inviting families with children right away – still, it is better seizing this opportunity only at the end of the tour – so that the kids stay motivated.

After having walked about 30 meters, we turn right into a forest track; the plates direct us to “Sachsenbrunner Teiche”. Here we find little benches and shady trees, even in midsummer. The path continues direction Sachsenbrunn, a private secondary school with public status. Opposite, a yellow plate points towards Unternberg, but also one of the numerous hiking paths to Mariazell bypasses here. We now have to get over this hike’s only rise, but even children who are at least four years old can manage this. Besides, the small intricate hill-climbings will go down a storm with the kids.

Panoramic views

Eventually, we hike out of the light forest onto the meadow and arrive at a residential street. We turn left and follow the signposts “Hasleitenwanderweg”. After having walked 50 meters on asphalt, we turn left onto a gravel path where the plate is located. On our tour, we now pass sheep that are grazing quietly and looking at us curiously. We follow the tractor path and soon reach our hike’s highest spot. From here, we enjoy a great view of Kirchberg and its two churches. If we continue hiking and the weather is nice, we can even see Hochegg and Lichtenegg’s wind wheel.

From now on, we walk downhill.

We hike along the knoll until we enter the forest. Here, we first follow the forest path, but after 200 meters, another overgrown forest path, steeper though, branches off to the left. We choose this one and shortly arrive at the asphalt road, which also only is an access road. We follow it and get to Sellhof, where a little bench and a wayside cross are awaiting us. Finally, we march a bit more on asphalt, pass the only house and then turn left in the direction of a farm. Here, we also find plates indicating us the right way direction Molzbachhof. We walk past behind the farm and then along the tractor path, passing meadows and fields before entering the forest again. Eventually, we arrive at Sachsenbrunn again. From here, we can return to our starting point either via the ponds or on the sidewalk.

When walking with kids, you should calculate one and a half hours pure walking time. The 180 meters difference in altitude are also manageable. The tour is therefore suitable for all seasons.

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,

Summer is approaching our beautiful region and we are pouring out into the open to enjoy the wonderful weather. With all the joy about the warm temperatures, it is still essential to take appropriate precautions for keeping the excursion in good memory. Even if you are dressed in optimal hiking clothing, do not forget about sun protection during your activities. Headgear and skin protection are vital in spring and summer. Always take a bottle of water with you – this is even more important in the warm season as one sweats more easily.

We, the Mountain Security Service Team, hope you enjoy your leisure activities in the Bucklige Welt and Wechsel region and look forward to nice encounters in nature. Get home safely and stay healthy.