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Today we are presenting an unhurried loop trail, suitable for all age groups, that you can hike or run or walk all year round because of the minor rise, as there never is much snow. Perfectly adequate for elderly persons, families or walkers.

Either you get a local hiking map at the municipality, or you hike by means of signposts and follow our description, as we use the denominations from the map.

We start our tour in Brunn an der Pitten, right past the train station. Here, a side street ends into Brunner Runde E3. First, we follow the idyllic course of the Pitten, then onward direction Bad Erlach through the fields, where, after passing a few houses, the same signpost E3 leads us through a small underpass. Through fields and yards, we arrive at the road again.

Side trip: Forest Cemetery

Now, we do not choose the path along the road direction spa – as the signpost indicates – but we cross the street and turn right into “Kreuzweg aus Glas” direction forest cemetery. We enter and traverse the cemetery, then leave throughout a gate and get back to the street and to hiking route E3.

The forest cemetery is a little “highlight” because of its idyllic location and because several signposts are indicating further hiking opportunities. One of the oldest churches in Lower Austria, “Ulrichskirche”, is also located here. The Way of the Cross was designed by Bad Erlach glass artist Alois Hammer – according to concepts by academic painter Christine Buchner – it is worth being seen.

Passing the spa

We move on and pass the spa parking lot – located to the right – and enter a light wood where we turn sharp left. Do not walk straight ahead, pay attention to the signs!

Here, we surmount the only rise of 25 meters altitude(!!), before we hike direction Brunn an der Pitten, Seebenstein castle in sight. Back down at the road, we change to route E2, called Linsbergrunde, as otherwise we would have to hike back to the starting point along the road. We cross the main road, however, then we follow a small frontage road until it ends into Brunner Runde E3 again. We walk back the last part of the trail on the same path we had taken in the first stage of the trail, to return to Brunn an der Pitten.
All in all, you should estimate about two hours for the hike, even more if children participate.

Portrait Eerwin Jung

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen!

In winter, many people seize the opportunity to discover our beautiful homeland and all the “assets” it has to offer during the cold season. Perfect clothing is essential for a great winter experience. Wear several thin layers, it is more effective – while hiking you can take off single layers if necessary. Sturdy, ankle-high shoes with a slip resistant sole should be part of your standard equipment. Please do not forget that humans release most heat via the head. Therefore, always wear a hood to keep warm. Get home safely and in healthy condition. I am looking forward to a nice encounter in our beautiful region. Stay healthy.

Erwin Jung
Photo: Mountain Security Service