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One thing beforehand: This tour does not impress with great nature and views, but because of its exemplary marking. We chose the two-hour tour starting in Eben (close to Hochegg) – as that way also children will enjoy the hike because one does not have to cover big differences in altitude.

This tour’s only deficiency is the limited parking option in Eben, a settlement with scattered buildings, which you reach from Hochegg. Alternatively, one could also take the public bus going from Grimmenstein to Hochegg.
When traversing the settlement in Eben, one already spots the yellow signposts indicating the direction towards Grimmenstein Fortress. We hike into a light forest, first on a country lane, later on a nice alley. On wide paths, we walk uphill and downhill, until we arrive at a branch-off direction Kulmriegel. Here, a short steeper rise is challenging us. As one is going to return on the same path to continue walking to the fortress, one does not have to take this detour to Kulmriegel – yet this short rise is worthwhile, as there is a cozy place waiting for the hikers. A small bench and a table are inviting us to stay and have a snack.

Grimmenstein Fortress

At weekends and on holidays, the fortress opens at 10 am. As it is located in the middle of the track, it is the perfect place to stop and have a bite to eat. The opportunity to visit a fortress does not occur every day anyway.

Recently invigorated, we hike on direction Mayerhöfen. First, we circle Kulmriegel, later we walk downhill until we reach a light traffic asphalt road. Again, a small bench is inviting us to take a rest – magnificent views of beautiful and idyllic nature included. At a sharp right hand bend, we turn into a forest path again. Here, the only difference in altitude is waiting for us – however, it is not even a problem for promenaders. Besides, a little self-service beverage cellar with a small bench is awaiting thirsty hikers at the end of the “rise”. Soon afterwards, we reach Mayerhöfen and turn left into the asphalt road. Yet, after a short stage, a signboard sends us to the left, back to Eben, another splendid alley, offering a view towards Schneeberg and Rax. Just for the very last part, we walk on a narrow street, after a small brow we are already able to look down towards Eben.

For adults, one has to calculate two and a half hours, including the detour to Kulmriegel, in case you take kids with you even more. This tour is accessible in spring and autumn as well as in mild winters; it is not everywhere accessible with a baby pram.


Of course, one can also hike up to the fortress from Grimmenstein. However, one has to cover more difference in altitude and one always hikes through the forest on wide forest paths.

I personally also enjoyed the tour because of its nice views; besides, during the week you will probably encounter no one else.

Portrait Eerwin Jung

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Liebe Freizeitsportlerinnen, liebe Freizeitsportler,

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,
The hike from Eben to Grimmenstein fortress is definitely not a big alpine challenge. However, it provides the opportunity to highlight the positive effects of hiking. Science has proven that regular exercise boosts our health and lowers the risk of getting ill. Our cardiovascular system gets more powerful, the musculoskeletal system gets stronger and the immune defense improves. Particularly in demanding times like now, regular exercise also supports emotional integrity. In this spirit, I wish you and your loved ones many eventful moments. Get back home safely and in healthy condition. I am looking forward to a nice encounter in our beautiful region.

Erwin Jung / Photo: Mountain Security Service

Photos: Egerer Graphic: Scherz-Kogelbauer GmbH