Photo: Egerer

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After having presented excursion tips for families in recent issues, this hike – from Edlitz via Kaltenberg to Lichtenegg and then back to Edlitz – is a nicely extended loop tour for ambitioned walkers. 13,9 kilometers of length, about 600 meters difference in altitude and an estimated walking time of four hours must be considered. Magnificent views and anfractuous paths are the reward for our efforts. 

Starting in Edlitz at the municipal office – signage is available – we directly follow the narrow asphalt road which leads us steeply uphill to the settlement. Behind the last house, we traverse a gate; the path leads us across steep meadows to an asphalt road, which we follow for a while – until we turn left to “Dermahof”. A short distance ahead of Dermahof, the marking branches off to the right, up into the forest, where the corresponding “Derma Chapel” is located. We move on, passing fruit trees, until we reach a meadow and then arrive at an asphalt road again. From here, we are already able to see Kaltenberg and Maria Schnee church. Finally, we turn right, direction Kaltenberg. In this provincial town, we have the opportunity to stop for a bite to eat at the local inn. Splendid views to Hochwechsel, Schneealm, Rax, Schneeberg and Hohe Wand are awaiting us by turns in this section.

Pilgrimage church

Eventually, we turn to Maria Schnee church and glance at the interior. Afterwards, we hike on straight ahead for a short while, until the signposts direct us to the left. Now, we are tramping downhill across meadows and through the forest direction Waldspielplatz (forest playground). Having arrived here, this spot lends itself to take a little rest – as, after the felling of some trees, the sun shines through now. We move on direction Lichtenegg where another short leg of asphalt road is awaiting us. At the village’s limits, the yellow plates lead us rightward, down to a country lane. One more time, we enjoy exquisite nature and idyllic places, like, for example, a cozy little bench at the edge of the forest. Finally, we arrive at a ditch with a creek. We traverse it on a boardwalk; from here on, we always pay attention to the red marking. Now, we have to move uphill again along a narrow path which eventually crosses a wider forest road. Take care here and do not follow the yellow plate “Rundtour”, but consequently look out for the red marking, even if it is not always immediately visible.

Finally, we reach “Lindenhof”, a farmhouse. Walking along Lindenhof’s fence, we arrive at the access road and follow it up to Prägart. Then we immerse ourselves again in pristine nature, from here, we only tramp downhill anymore. We have to pay attention to another parting of the ways, as there is also a read marking leading rightward – however, that one is leading uphill. We choose the forest path leftward. Another nice resting place is awaiting us at a sharp left bend. Again, we traverse a small creek, a table and a small bench are inviting us to take a rest – directly behind, there is a little “waterfall”.

It is time for the final spurt – always downhill – soon we clap eyes on the road, eventually, the first houses are shining through the branches and we soon arrive in Edlitz again. 

A truly recommendable, well-marked hike offering an opportunity to stop for refreshments and amazing views. As the many natural paths through forest and farmland are so diverting, one does not really perceive the ascending slopes as strenuous.

Portrait Eerwin Jung

Tip from the Mountain Security Service

Dear leisure time sportsmen and sportswomen,

Today’s excursion tip is a long hike through the Bucklige Welt. Particularly now, at the beginning of the hiking season, endurance and physical fitness of some persons is not back at full potential yet. Developing your physical fitness gradually is essential. It is more than ok to start with a few shorter tours, which only include moderate rises. That way, you activate your cardiovascular system and your musculoskeletal system again. Physical overburdening and a so-so fitness level often are the cause for injuries. Just take it easy. There will still be plenty of time to enjoy our region. Get home safely and in healthy condition. I am looking forward to a nice encounter in our beautiful region.

Erwin Jung